4A Innovation Center

4A innovation center offers free coffee training to women, youth and coffee farmers. Our training hubs are located in Thika town and they’re tutor guided.

At our hubs, we provide a sitting area “hot coffee benches” with free fast WiFi internet connection to enhance ease of downloading educational materials, like online library books as well as supporting 4A online studies and research.

Topics Of Training :

  • Introduction to Coffee Production/vertical value chain
  • Barista skills & Specialty coffee learning
  • Coffee Roasting Skills
  • Manufacturing coffee equipments e.g. Coffee Pulpers, hurrers and Roasters
  • Coffee Apprenticeships
  • Gastronomy and Coffee
  • Coffee Import/Export Logistics
  • Coffee, culture and Climet Change
  • Coffee Chemistry
  • Coffee machines Repair/Maintenance
  • Coffee Tasting/Sensory Analysis
  • Coffee Tours/Study trips/Food Tourism
  • Coffee Event Organising i.e. Coffee Expos e.g. We usually Organize Annual Thika innovation Expo

Partners :