About 4icoffee

4iCoffee is a digital innovative platform that facilitates a direct vertical trade, enhancing transparency and sustainable profits in the coffee value chain. So far We have registered 1374 coffee farmers and around 334 local and international vendors and the numbers keep on growing everyday.

In this platform, Everyone is in total control of their coffee sales/coffee purchases as all participants are verified after successful registration. Farmers can sell either processed coffee or coffee parchment.

We also support small scale farmers by leasing to them primary, secondary and tertiary coffee processing equipment to facilitate them in processing their own coffee. This method eliminates coffee brokers from the value chain and we’re able to achieve an equilibrium price for both coffee farmers and vendors with fairness to the end consumers.

*Coffee prices start from $3 to $8 buying/Selling*

* Coffee payments are processed instantly to Bank accounts or through mobile money applications like Mpesa, T-Kash and Airtel money.

This system scores best as compared to the ordinary ways of trade where coffee farmers are made to wait for long periods sometimes even over six months before they get paid.

No commissions are charged as this is a free coffee trade platform.*